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Match_Recruit Jun 7 '18
Users want to know why so many profile questions.

We base our questions based on Clients and other Employers feedback and they want details!  For every talent search, Employers are looking for specifics.  This platform is designed to offer just that.  Narrows the search and provides an efficient way for Employers to source the specific talent base they are seeking.  The platform is also designed for job seekers (Talent) to have the opportunity to introduce yourself.  Not just the skills you bring to the table, but your character as well.  This will narrow down fit within specific corporate cultures, or simply a specific role.  

Example:  An accountant doesn't need to show they are outgoing and adventurous.  Maybe they are which is great, but what they do outside of work might reflect their attention to details and being ok with repetitive tasks.  If it is for a sales role, then an employer might find that adventurous, outgoing character trait as more along the lines of what they need for that role and or corporate culture.   If it's a start-up they are going to want talent that can step into a role, lead by example and do the job.  
They also want to know the what you bring to the table based on experience, skill set, and expert traits.   Each company is different in what they are seeking regarding talent.

Remember, you only have to create this profile once, and it's good until you make any changes or updates.  Easy peasy!

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