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Match_Recruitment Jun 7 '18

When you Register, your answers to your questions should be specific to your current work experiences.  Do not be too broad and make sure what you check off is actually what you have experience in.  It's best to be focused, Employers again, are looking for specifics.  If your profile is broad, it will reflect you are not exactly focused with your career and will scare them off. 

You must also complete the Pre-Screen Informational Section upon registration.  This is the bread and butter of your professional profile. Please be as detailed as possible with the

Pre-Screen questions.  Look at it as a prep interview for a future employer.  Employers will key in on the answers you provide.  Your answers will also establish not only the skills, experiences and achievement you have professionally, but also FIT.

When Completing your profile : You must complete the final stage of your profile.  It is multiple choice and only takes a few seconds.  This will identify what level of expertise and years of experience you bring to the table etc..  along with some simple "FIT" directed questions.

Example:  If most of your professional experience is within Manufacturing and that is where you are most comfortable and would like to stay then only select Manufacturing.  If you have experience in both Manufacturing and Construction lets say, and open to an opportunity in either based on your experience.  Then it's good to select both.

Again, very important to only check off your main areas of expertise where you could step into a role with a new company and be able to take it on with little or no training.

As well, if you are at a team lead, supervisor, manager level, whatever it might be, then select that level of expertise.  Do not select above or below that level.  Employers want to see where you have progressed to.  I'm sure you are not really looking for a career step backwards.

For young recent grads.  Only select where you want to go professionally based on your education and experiences.  Show you are focused and an up and coming expert in your field. 

Add photos of any projects you have done.  Show off! 

Now, if you are only seeking part-time, seasonal, volunteer type roles, then you can be vague in whatever it is you want to do under those categories.

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