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Match_Recruit Jun 7 '18
What do the Professional Match setting accomplish?

Your Match Preferences(Multiple Choice Section) will make the matchmaking settings more accurate to pin point for both Employer and Talent who to view and possibly reach out too.  

When completing your Match Preferences, you still want to target the industry(s) you are most experienced in.  If however, you are only seeking a new career that would progress your career because you are ready for the next challenge, then when selecting your Level of Expertise, choose the next level up from where you are currently.

Example:  (This all depends on a companies organizational structure)  If you are currently a "Supervisor" but are now ready to advance into a Management role.  Then you would  select a Management level of expertise.

Possibly you are looking for a side-step opportunity. 

Example:  Currently you are a Customer Service Rep. but you would like to step into more of a Sales role.  When selecting your Match Preferences, you would then select Sales vs. Customer Service.  If you are open to both, then select both.  

Maybe you are tired of working in the Manufacturing Industry and looking to do something completely new.

Example:  Currently you are a Manager within Manufacturing but would like to attempt to transition into the Construction Industry.  You would choose Construction as your Industry of Expertise (even through it's not) but at the Level of Expertise, you will certainly have to drop down when selecting your Level of Expertise.

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